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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fall TV Preview: Wednesday

New Show of Note: Invasion (ABC, 10pm), which will probably be the best of this year's alien invasion series, thanks largely to the fact that i's created by Shawn Cassidy, who brought us the sublime American Gothic. It also is the most likely to last the season, thaks to having the good fortune to be scheduled after:

Returning Favorite: Lost (ABC, 9pm), the best new show of last season, which survived its bad movie of the week premise to deliver a gripping genre show that appealed to a wide audience. And you know what? I'm really not in any hurry to see all of the mysteries of the island resolved--I'm just enjoying the ride.

Bonehead Scheduling Move of the Night: Putting Veronica Mars (UPN, 9pm), last season's second-best new show, up against Lost. Yeah, the mystery was compelling, but it was really the characters and the writing that made us want to turn in each week. But really, UPN, if you want to give your critically acclaimed but low-rated show a chance to catch on, do'nt put it up against a show that is not only a ratings smash but also one that all of your likely viewers are going to be tuning in to!

Also New: Criminal Minds (CBS), E-Ring (NBC), Head Cases (FOX), and Related (WB)--all new dramas being offered up by their respective network as sacrificial lambs against Lost. Seriously, people, how about some counter-programming? NOne of you could try slotting a sitcom, newsmagazine or reality show here?

Also Returning: Law & Order (NBC, 10pm), amazingly in its 18th season. Don't worry if you miss an episode because you're watching Invasion though, as I'm sure you'll be able to catch it in repeats at some point.
|| Dave Carter, 10:44 PM


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