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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Weekend Movie Watching

Last weekend was a long one, so I managed to watch all three of the DVDs I had out from NetFlix:

Man of the House wasn't horrible, nor was it anything memorable either. The high concept was: Tommy Lee Jones as a Texas Ranger assigned as a bodyguard to a houseful of UT-Austin cheerleaders. From there it just about wirtes itself, and apparently it did, as there's nothing original or surprising here. Everyone showed up and did their jobs, and that's about it. Oh, and Christina Milian needs to look for better scripts; with this and Be Cool she's now paid her dues in crappy Hollywood formula pics, and she's much better than the material whe's been given.

The Pacifier on the other hand is just a disaster. Vin Diesel as a Navy Seal who has to serve as a bodyguard to a houseful of kids. Could have been decent family fun on the order of Cheaper by the Dozen, but no, this is just a snooze-fest from begining to end.

Woody Allen's Manhattan Murder Mystery was at least sometimes funny and sometimes mysterious. Allen and Diane Keaton are (surprise!) a couple of Manhattanites; when Keaton thinks that their next-door-neighbor has killed his wife, she involves all of their friends in the mystery, and before long Allen has to join in just to try to keep his marriage together. Not a great work by Allen, but at least it holds your interest.
|| Dave Carter, 11:12 AM


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