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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Now That I've Got This New Blog, I Can Do All of These Stupid Polls

You Know Yer Indie. Let's Sub-Categorize.

You're Avante Garde Indie. You listen to abstract
music like free-jazz and Krautrock. You drink too much coffee and you scare the [bleep] out of the rest of us. We're afraid to call you pretentious because we know that we all just
don't get it. There are few of you out there, and most of you will probably die soon.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The TV IV Wiki

If, like many of us, you were non-plussed when TV Tome underwent a change of ownership and makeover into, you'll be happy to see the emergence of The TV IV Wiki, which, while still in the early states of building up content, looks to be well on its way to usefulness. Plus, since it's a wiki, you can add in your own television knowledge without too much muss or fuss.

(link via TV Squad)
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Friday, August 26, 2005

Celebrity Poker, Week 2

Last night's Celebrity Poker Showdown thankfully was miles better than last week's. Even at his most annoying, Howie Mandell was easier to take than the idiots on last week's Reality Show Stars edition. Plus, the power was more interesting as well, and for once the two best players at the table ended up facing off in heads-up action.

My biggest complaint about the show is that, when it gets down to the end, you pretty much know who's going to win each hand depending on how much time is left in the program. One of these weeks I'd like it if they'd throw us off-balance and have the game end 10 minutes before the end of the show, rather than right at the end.

Next week is Girls Night Out. I usually find Caroline Rhea very funny, so two hours of her and the rest of the ladies yukking it up should be fun.
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Thursday, August 25, 2005

YAMR: Country Women of the 90s

Playing this week on Yet Another Music Radio: Country Women of the 90s, over three hours of songs from my favorite female country singers of the 90s.

Artists in this playlist: Alison Krauss, Allison Moorer, Chely Wright, Deana Carter, Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Gretchen Peters, Jo Dee Messina, Joy Lynn White, Julie Miller, Julie Reeves, Kathy Mattea, Kelly Willis, Kim Richey, Lari White, LeAnn Rimes, Lee Ann Womack, Lila McCann, Linda Davis, Mandy Barnett, Martina McBride, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Matraca Berg, Mila Mason, Mindy McCready, Neko Case, Pam Tillis, Patty Loveless, Redmon & Vale, Sara Evans, Shania Twain, Shannon Brown, SHeDAISY, Sherrié Austin, Stephanie Bentley, Suzy Bogguss, Terri Clark, and Trisha Yearwood.

Over 50 tracks of great country music, playing all this week on YAMR!
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Name Change: Yet Another Media Blog

Hey everyone. So, it turns out that I can't go on ad infinitum about music the same way that I can about comics. No big suprise there, I guess. But instead of just folding after a couple of weeks, I've decided to broaden the focus a bit.

Henceforth, this will be Yet Another Media Blog. In addition to music, I'll also talk about movies, television, books, games, etc. (Comics will still be covered over on my flagship blog, Yet Another Comics Blog.) Hopefully this will give me more to talk about (especially with the new tv season fast approaching).

And don't worry, I'll still keep up with Yet Another Music Radio, updating to a new playlist every Thursday.

Also note: the URL of this blog has changed to reflect the new name as well. I don't think that'll be much of a deal though, as I don't very many people have bookmarked this blog yet.
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Friday, August 19, 2005


How did I miss this one?

I came across it at the public library: Songcatcher is a soundtrack album for a movie I'd never even heard of (it came out in 2000). The songs are mostly a bunch of traditional folk songs, performed by a who's who of female country/folk artists: Roseanna Cash, Iris Dement, Dolly Parton, Emmy Rossum, Emmylous Harris, Allison Moorer, Patty Loveless, Julie Miller, Maria McKee, Sara Evans, Gillian Welch, Deana Carter, Hazel Dickens, & Pat Carroll. Good stuff--worth a listen if you manage to come across it.
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

YAMR: Cover Songs 1

Playing this week on Yet Another Music Radio: Cover Songs 1, over 3 hours of artists performing songs by others:

The A-Teens cover ABBA
Adrian Belew covers King Crimson
Ben Folds Five cover The Flaming Lips
Bowling for Soup cover Britney Spears
The Corrs cover Fleetwood Mac
Cry Cry Cry cover R.E.M.
The Derailers cover Prince
The Dixie Chicks cover Bruce Robinson
The Donnas cover Billy Idol
Eva Cassidy covers Fleetwood Mac
Fatal Mambo cover Mungo Jerry
Frente! cover New Order
Heather Nova covers Peter Gabriel
Jamie Hoover covers The Traveling Wilburrys
Jessica Harp covers The Kinks
Joe Cocker covers Elton John
Jon Bon Jovi covers Elton John
Jonatha Brooke covers The Alan Parsons Project
Jump 5 cover Katrina and the Waves
Kate Bush covers Elton John
Kimberly Locke covers Judy Garland
Kristy Thirsk covers Fleetwood Mac
LeAnn Rimes covers Willie Nelson
Lisa Stansfield covers Barry White
Lisa Stansfield covers The Four Tops
Lori Carson covers Todd Rundgren
Mandy Barnett covers Jim Lauderdale
Mandy Moore covers The Waterboys
Mandy Moore and Michael Stipe cover The Beach Boys
Mary Chapin Carpenter covers Lucinda Williams
The Mavericks cover The Hollies
Mindy McCready covers Kim Richey
Mo' Horizens cover Ray Charles
Moxy Früvous cover Deep Blue Something
Natacha Atlas covers Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Orbital cover Ron Grainer
Patti Rothberg covers Carl Douglas
Peter Gabriel covers Leonard Cohen
The Rembrandts cover XTC
Sarah Brightman covers Queen
Save Ferris cover Dexy's Midnight Runners
Schrödingers Cat cover Prince
Sheryl Crow covers The Carpenters
Sonic Youth cover The Carpenters
Steps cover ABBA
Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gormé cover Soundgarden
They Might Be Giants cover The Allman Brothers Band
Tori Amos covers The Rolling Stones
William Shatner covers Pulp
Wilson Phillips cover The Mamas and The Papas

Whew! That's 50 songs of cover-y goodness, playing all week on YAMR!
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Thursday, August 11, 2005

YAMR: Live Tracks 1

Playing this week on Yet Another Music Radio: Live Tracks 1, a bunch of my favorite live tracks.

Who's on this playlist? How about: Abra Moore, Angie Paris, Average White Band, Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds, Billy Joel, Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis, The Cardigans, Deanna Kirk, Dido, Ed's Redeeming Qualities, Evanescence, Guster, Heather Nova, Jamie Cullum, Jessica Andrews, Joe jackson, John Lennon, Joss Stone, Kim Richey, Los Lonely Boys, Maura O'Connell, Moxy Früvous, Nanci Griffith, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Peter Frampton, Phil Collins, Poi Dog Pondering, Queen, Rosanne Cash, Rusted Root, Sara Evans, Sarah McLachlan, Shakira, Tara MacLean, They Might Be Giants, Todd Snider, Tori Amos, and Wild Strawberries.


Forty-five live tracks, nearly three and a half hours of music.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tristan Prettyman

Earlier today I purchased/downloaded Tristan Prettyman's album Twenty Three from iTunes. I've listened through it about 1.5 times so far a like what I've heard. It's that mellow female singer/singwriter stuff that I seem to like so much. iTunes strangely has its primary category as 'Rock,'--which it certainly isn't--but I also found it listed under 'Folk,' which is closer to the mark. My favorite track so far is the opening track, "Love Love Love," which you can listen to and/or watch this video on her Website.
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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Jenny Queen

Received in the mail yesterday Australian country singer/songwriter Jenny Queen's album Girls Who Cry Need Cake (ordered used via Amazon). I've only listened through it once so far, but I'm really liking it. It's mild-mannered folk/country. My favorite tracks are "Drowning Slowly," "Kentucky Turn," and the Moby (!) cover "Porcelain."
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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Free Music

Everybody likes free music, right?

This week's free tracks over on the iTunes music store are:

"Bad Day" by Canadian singer/songwriter Daniel Powter, a pop ditty that's catchy if perhaps a tad overproduced.

"I Put Myself Together" by blues legend Charles Brown.

Other places to find free music:

Free Tracks on Audio Lunchbox

Free Downloads on
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Friday, August 05, 2005

Welcome to Yet Another Music Blog

Hello and welcome to Yet Another Music Blog. My name is Dave, and I'll be your host.

I've been successfully blogging about comics over at Yet Another Comics Blog for nearly a year now, and have decided to branch out with yet another blog, this time about music.

My musical tastes, like my comic reading, are rather eclectic. I tend to like 'good' music no matter the genre, although 'good' is something that's open to interpretation. The main thrust of my musical listening, maybe 50% or so, is female singer/songwriters, although I frequently wander off into country, old-school jazz, classical, ska, power pop, oldies, etc. Anyway, as this blog develops, you'll probably get to know my tastes a little better.

As a companion to this blog, I've also started an Internet radio station via Live365: Yet Another Music Radio. It's free to listen to, as long as you don't mind hearing an occasional short adventisement (it's certainly less obnoxious than regular commercial radio!) I plan on creating a new radio program every week, centered around a theme. But right now it's just running a bunch of random songs I had laying around. I'm forbidden from publishing an actual playlist, but I can tell you that some of the artists currently playing on the station are: Equation, Deanna Kirk, K's Choice, The Waifs, Emm Gryner, Josh Rouse, Kathleen Edwards, Great Big Sea, Patty Griffin, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

(BTW, running the radio station costs me a chunk of change each month. So while Yet Another Comics Blog is ad-free, at some point this blog may need to set up a tip jar or an Amazon affiliate program or Google ads or something to help defray the costs.)

So there you have it. Please bear with me as this blog finds its feet. I probably won't post quite as often here as I do over on the comics blog, but we'll see how that goes. Who knows, I may have more to say about music than I think!
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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yet Another Music Radio (Test)

Yet Another Music Radio, my new online radio station, is up and running as a test at Live365.
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